The Cretaceous is Crummy for Evolution

We continue the series by Dr. Tomkins of the Institute for Creation Research on geological layers, this time seeing problems presented by the Cretaceous to particles-to-paleontologist evolutionists. Slow and gradual transitions from simple to complex are just not happening.

The lack of transitional forms was acknowledged by Charles Darwin to be a difficulty for his ideas, but he pressed on in the hope that maybe someday they would be found. Evolution is supposed to be built on evidence, not blind faith or wishful thinking.

Despite evolutionary stories of gradual progression from simple to complex, the truth is quite different. The Cretaceous is a problem for evolution.
Edmontosaurus annectens by Nobumichi Tamura at Wikimedia Commons (CC BY-SA 3.0)
Despite their appearances in movies with the word "Jurassic" in their titles, some of the most famous dinosaurs are registered to vote in the Cretaceous. (Paleontologists are seeking rescuing devices while biblical creationists are celebrating soft tissues and more from these bad boys.) There is nothing to indicate evolution, they just suddenly appeared — which is yet another indication of special creation.

Living along with them were, despite evolutionary propaganda, birds and mammals. The problems evolutionists have with fossils, appearances, and extinctions make sense in light of creation science Genesis Flood models, not secular long-age beliefs.
The Cretaceous system of the geological column, like the other systems below it, is a conundrum to evolutionists because it rep resents a continuance of many life forms found buried in lower strata combined with one of the most popularized mass extinc-- tions at its conclusion.

In addition, many unique types of plants and animals make mysterious sudden appearances in the Cretaceous with no evolutionary precursors. This diverse and unexplained fossil assemblage also coincides with the accelerating final stages of the separation of the former mega-continent Pangaea. However, the evolutionary conundrum of this unique mix of catastrophically buried fossils and violent tectonics is solved by the model of progressive burial by ecological zonation and rapid plate tectonics of the global Flood of Genesis.

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