So Dinosaurs Were Fake All Along!

There comes a time when everyone has to cowboy up and face the failings, and this is mine. It turns out that not only have many others and I been deceived, but I have been deceiving my readers in my misguided zeal. Dinosaurs never existed.

Playtime is over. Now we get to more serious but still almost unbelievable material. Although I have heard of them, I never met someone who claimed that dinosaurs are not real. The reasons for thinking this get...truly bizarre.

Some people think that all dinosaurs are fake. When professing Christians do this, it shows a number of serious problems with their faith.
Unsplash / Katie Smith
I have to stop for a moment and say that this post almost went to Biblical Creation and Evangelism. It ended up here because, although it has to do with theology, biblical creationists emphasize critical thinking skills.

To believe the outrageous idea that dinosaurs were never real, one must believe conspiracy theories on an absurdity level of September 11 "truthers" and Flat-Earthers. In all three cases, thousands of people would have to keep secrets very well, and not have consciences that would cause them problems.

It is also indicative of more serious problems. Unfortunately, many professing Christians are deceived, wrongly thinking they are saved. That's right, I said it! Too many do not know what and why they believe, and when those problems are coupled with irrational thinking, they easily fall for deceptions. "God put them there to test our faith", "Satan put them there to deceive us", and the previously mentioned huge conspiracy idea. God is not the trickster, and Satan is not capable of ex nihilo creation. Those are just for starters.

Some Christians claim that they have heard or read that dinosaur bones have been completely fabricated. Another postulation is that other large animal bones from whales, elephants, hippos, and so forth have been put together into dinosaur skeleton displays by taking those bones and creatively piecing them into the dinosaur skeletons seen in museums. Ironically, many of the same people who make these claims accept the validity of other extinct animals such as mammoths, mastodons, ground sloths, and wooly rhinos, and they might even believe that dinosaur skeletons have been made from the bones of these other creatures.

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