Sheep Mummy and Dinosaur DNA

When science is done properly, it ruins atoms-to-archaeologist evolution. While too many people are gullible and simply accept what "scientists say", others are suspicious when research halts after propaganda points are reached or inconvenient questions are raised.

A mummified sheep was in the news. (No, it was not mummified by ancient Egyptians, awakened, and Brendan Fraser stopped its rampage.) Natural mummification occurred where the right conditions cause drying out with little or no decomposition. A sheep mummy leg was so well preserved, its DNA was sequenced.

The leg of a sheep was naturally-mummified was so well preserved, DNA was sequenced. This has implications for dinosaur DNA and the age of the earth.
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While decay can be slowed under ideal conditions, it cannot be stopped. This raises obvious questions about DNA in fossils buried in the ground under typical conditions. DNA deteriorates and would be too broken down to be analyzed. Once again, evidence indicates recent creation.
DNA that is “extremely well preserved” has been analyzed from a sheep mummy found in an Iranian salt mine. Salt, as everyone knows, is a good preservative of meat and animal tissue. Scientists consider the conditions in the mine ideal for preservation. Even so, it was not perfect, and some degradation was observed after 1,600 years since the sheep died. How long could the DNA have lasted? This bears on the important question of soft tissue preservation in dinosaurs and other fossilized remains.

You can finish reading by heading on over to "Sheep Mummy Shows Limits on DNA Longevity". Yippie ky yay, secularists!