Fake Science Weaponized Against Christians

Some of the things pointed out previously can be seen continuing to happen, as secularists use what they call science against Christians and creationists. We have seen that opinions and speculations are often falsely presented as facts.

Materialists will assert that their atheistic view is "reality", Darwin's disciples often claim that evolution is science, global climate change caused by humans is "settled science". Christians, scientists, and creationists are demonized in many ways, including as "science deniers" because we oppose faulty science and logic.

The secular science industry is willingly hijacked for leftist agendas, such as abortion. Christians are declared enemies through bad science and worse reasoning.
Unsplash / Kelly Sikkema
The public has a love/hate relationship with science, not really understanding much about it (often viewing it with suspicion), but using "science" as a weapon when convenient (see "Science in Name Only"). If the spectral monolith of Science (as an entity) is invoked as an authority, "Science says...", then something is assumed to be true. Those who have contrary interpretations of scientific facts are considered enemies and need to be marginalized; they hope that Science will smite us.

It is indeed unfortunate that leftists have hijacked the promiscuous secular science industry for their own agendas. One of these agendas is abortion. A certain sidewinder claims that pro-life laws are based on "religious beliefs", so we're the bad guys. He rides right around science facts. People like this go largely unchallenged because of the lack of critical thinking skills in the general public. Far too often, emotional reactions are substituted for rational thought.

There are members of the secular science industry who manipulate the emotions of others, and some even appeal to their own authority. Thoughtful people can catch these things, but others take the easy way out and float downstream like dead branches.

One reason biblical creationists critique evolution is to try to help people see where they're being misled.

Another instance of anti-Christian "science" is when increasingly-blatant LGBTQ agendas are an attack on Christianity. (Interesting that Mohammedan countries where homosexuality receives the death penalty are not mentioned.) We need to change our ways and accept non-traditional values. Such thinking is based in postmodernism; there is no absolute truth (see this post on the "6 or 9" argument). Such absurdity is self-refuting, because the current trend makes us wrong, but if there is no ultimate truth, there is no standard to condemn us!

Two articles highlighted below will be used to justify the headline that science is being used to vilify Christians. That’s an insufficient sample, to be sure, but one support for this view is the absence of debate about it. Usually, when there is controversy about some scientific theory or paper, journals will print alternative views by other scientists. A printed debate is labeled as a “matter arising” about the subject. A critique is printed, and the original author has an opportunity to respond. If serious enough, the journal may print an “editorial expression of concern” about a paper, which might lead to a retraction.

There is no such “matter arising” about these articles. The silence amounts to de facto endorsement by the Big Science consensus. These articles, written by professors at major universities in the name of “science” and reprinted by science news outlets like Phys.org, amount to direct quasi-scientific attacks on what Christians believe. Christians—particularly evangelicals—are portrayed as standing in the way of progress. That is the first step a society can take toward persecuting them.

I hope very much that you will read the rest of this important article at "Anti-Christian Science Becoming More Blatant".