Adjusting Billions of Years Pleases Darwin

It is no secret that Charles Robert Darwin needs his followers to sacrifice science and logic in order to give him huge amounts of time. Otherwise, he cannot perform his evolutionary wonders when there is lack of faith on the part of his votaries. But they come through.

When reading sacred writ from the secular science industry, discerning people may notice phrases like "earlier than thought". New discoveries require adjustments, and the false claim that "science is self-correcting" is invoked.

Darwin demands huge amounts of time so he can perform his evolutionary wonders. His votaries give it to him, even if it means tampering with the data.
In reality, naturalists get tangled in their webs while trying to force-fit data into observations they have made themselves. This requires the hope that folks aren't skilled enough in critical thinking to catch them moving the goalposts, tampering with the evidence, and using dreadful logic. When caught defying real science, they try to evosplain the problems away. Rescuing devices are frantically created for things such as a star that is determined to be "older" than the universe, volcanic lunar rocks, and some real razzle-dazzle done about animal traces in quartzite. These problems would not be happening if they admitted the fact of recent creation, would they?
The extinction of the dinosaurs is typically said to have been about 65 million years ago (mya), but 66 mya has also been suggested. During my dinosaur presentations I inform the audience, but I don’t amend my slides. After all, what’s a million years (in this case around 1.5 %)?!

In other public talks, I discuss the big bang timeline, starting ~13.8 billion years ago. This is more than one billion years off from the age of the universe taught in the mid-nineteen nineties, of some 15 billion years (actually 8%). But what’s a billion years?!

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