Over-Engineering Defies Darwinists

Ironically, Russell Watchtower is the head of the Ministry of Truth propaganda division at the Darwin Ranch. Like in Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four, Minitrue obscures facts that interfere with the evolutionary narrative. He used the term over-engineered. Oopsie.

Unpleasant fellow and not very bright, he missed the fact that evolution requires purposelessness and no Creator. By saying over-engineered, he implied both design and a Designer. Lotta Lyez, the kitchen maid, refused to speak to him for two days. Do you see the irony?

Evolution is to be without a designer or purpose. Darwinists say some things are over-designed, implying both. They cannot account for obvious design such as seen in crocodilians.
Freeimages / Henrik Groth-Andersen
Another evolutionist made the same mistake when discussing the lungs of crocodilians. They were over-engineered in his view because they're capable of more than those critters need. I took my my Charles Darwin Club Secret Decoder Ring™ out of its glass case and saw that it meant, "Ain't got a clue." They proceeded to dream up fact-free nonsense about probably having been faster in earlier years.

Computer systems have redundancies, backups, failsafe plans, and so on for some failures by design. If I pour coffee into it while its running, I'll probably brick the computer because engineers don't plan for such contingencies. (They probably expect people to have a bit of sense.) Many organisms appear over-engineered, but our Creator equipped things so they can continue to survive. I reckon evolution and natural selection would only do the bare minimum: just get a trait in place. Evolutionists cannot explain such specified complexity.
Over-engineering in nature is indeed a conundrum for evolution, and a serious challenge for evolutionists. They see the problem this way: How and why would natural selection select for an attribute for which there is no survival advantage, given the living conditions and lifestyle of the creature in question (in this case, crocodylians)?

There’s a fundamental principle at issue here. If something is over-engineered, does that not mean that it must have been engineered in the first place? And if it was engineered, does that not imply an engineer who designed and built the creature? No wonder even evolutionists can’t help but use language noting that the crocodylian lungs are “complex and appear very well designed” and marvel that alligators have “such a complex musculo-skeletal system”. Complexity, design, and over-engineering all imply a Master Engineer—and the Creator God spoken of in the Bible certainly fits that accolade.

To read the whole thing, bite down on "Over-engineering in nature: an evolutionary conundrum."