The Engels Influence on Communism

Although misotheists and evolutionists try to deny it, the writings of Charles Darwin had a profound influence promoting racism. He also had a hand in the machinations of dictators and Communist mass murderers, who obviously felt that evolutionism gave them intellectual fulfillment.

This is prominent in the rabble of socialists and communists. We know that Karl Marx was enthusiastic about how the thought Darwin's work showed his ideas in nature, but the influence of Friedrich Engels seems to have been downplayed or even forgotten.

Philosophies of Darwin were important to Karl Marx in building communism, but people seem to have forgotten that Friedrich Engels was also influential.
In those days, Christians were surrendering science to the secularists and their philosophies based on atheistic naturalism. (For that matter, the so-called Age of Enlightenment that began in the 17th centuray was rooted in rebellion against God and embracing a multitude of atheistic philosophies.) Atheistic materialism and secularism were (and are) of primary importance.

On a side note, the family unit was instituted by God. Marxists and neo-Marxists hate it. Most people have heard of Black Lives Matter, but focusing on "black lives" is a farce. They go ballistic if someone says all lives matter, preferring to utilize the artificial construct of "races." They are Marxists and hate the nuclear family. Communists hate God and Christianity (and especially the foundations in Genesis), and anyone who tries to make a pretense at Christianity and supporting BLM is simply a useful idiot. That's right, I said it!

Although Darwin was not friendly to communism, his philosophies fit in well. Marx and Engels were strong together, and evolutionism provided further impetus. Rebellious human wisdom does not impress God (1 Cor. 1:20-31, Prov. 1:7, Psalm 14.1), nor should it sway us from true wisdom.
Friedrich Engels was in some ways as important as Marx in helping to establish the revolution called Marxism (Communism) that has changed the world. It was Engels who brought Darwinism into Marx’s life and the socialist/communist movement. His role, and the influence of Darwinism, were both important, although Darwinism is a more important part of the radical-left movement today than in the days of Marx. The contribution of both Engels and Marx were intertwined; thus Engels’ work cannot be discussed without covering the contribution of his close co-worker, Karl Marx.

Although the article is long, it's also quite interesting and useful. To read the rest, get in the comfy chair, use the soft cushion, and continue reading "Engels, Darwin, and Marx." Also of interest is "Atheism, Evolution, and Trotsky."