Oceans Testify to the Young Earth

Mayhaps other biblical creationists will disagree, but this child believes that evidence refuting dust-to-Darwin evolution and the young Earth are actively suppressed by the secular science industry. When creationists publish lists of evidence for recent creation, they trim them down to only the top five or ten because there are so many.

The oceans of the world give strong testimony to recent creation. Even using their own slow and gradual rates of accumulation and so forth, it is not possible to honestly obtain data that fit a planet of 4.5 billion years.

There are many attestations of the global Genesis Flood, and the oceans give strong testimony for that and for recent creation.
RGBStock / Roger
Where is all the water from the Flood? It's already here! There was a great deal of tectonic activity during that time (continental plates moving rapidly, and volcanism going on as well), and sediments on the sea floors indicate those processes. If the earth was as old as uniformitarian scientists claim, they have a problem explaining the lack of sediments. Other attestations of the Flood include salinity and the temperature of the tectonic plates themselves. The evidence is there, old son, for recent creation and the global Genesis Flood!

Over 70% of Earth’s surface is covered by water, most of which is marine and contained in the oceans. On average, the depth of the ocean is about 2.3 miles. However, the oceans also fill deep trenches that extend to 6.8 miles below sea level. Interestingly, if Earth’s surface were completely level, the massive amount of water contained in the oceans would be sufficient to cover it to a depth of about 8,000 feet.

When people question where the vast amount of water came from and went regarding the global Flood of Genesis, we can point directly to the vast amount of water in the oceans. In fact, the earth’s oceans and the seafloor contain many clues to its history. Not surprisingly, they all support a young Earth (about 6,000 years) and a global Flood that occurred about 4,300 years ago.

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