Lunar Recession and the Young Earth

Whenever the fact that the moon is receding from the earth is presented, one can hear raucous laughter from the Darwin Ranch* as far toward town as Stinking Lake. They bring out Lotta Lyez, the kitchen maid, to recite the rescuing devices.

Ridicule is a standard operating procedure for misotheists, because (like dinosaur soft tissues) the implications are devastating for long ages. Papa Darwin needs lots of years his magick to perform. Using calculations of secularists against them, lunar recession is evidence for recent creation.

The recession of the moon is strong evidence for recent creation. Secularists say our position is refuted, but their claims are not logical or honest.
Moon over Grand Canyon, Pexels / Eberhard Grossgasteiger
At the current recession rate as an upper limit and calculating backward, the moon would have been touching our marble 1.5 billion Darwin years ago. That is not possible, obviously. The standard paradigm for secularists is slow and gradual processes, like we see in geology. From a creationist perspective, the moon has not moved away from Earth all that much. However, the small amount of recession is known to have increased.

Some of their excuses are downright dishonest (it's who they are and what they do), and even defy science itself. They appeal to geological evidence, sometimes using what is seen on Earth as an explanation for that small body with much less gravity, has very little water, is cooling and shrinking, so sure: Comparing geological process down here to up yonder makes perfect sense, right? Unverifiable assumptions, computer models based on presuppositions, and other things result in scientific lunacy.
Every year, the moon moves an inch or so farther away from earth. It may not seem like much, but that tiny movement puts a big limit on the moon’s age.

The Bible says God made the moon on Day Four of Creation Week. . . roughly 6,000 years ago. But that’s not the story we hear today. Most science museums, websites, TV shows, and textbooks claim the moon formed by natural processes about 4.5 billion years ago. How do we resolve such vast differences?

To read the full article or listen to the audio, blast off for "Moon Inching Away from an Old Earth."

*Not the Darwin Ranch in Wyoming. I've ruled out two states for you (the other being Washington), so y'all have to keep guessing. Rusty Swingset, the foreman, made me promise not to give the exact location.