Climate Change and Evolution

As it is with minerals-to-meteorologist evolution, so it is with global cooling. I mean, global warming. I mean, climate change. Evolutionists and climate alarmists have several things in common:

  • Appeal to consensus
  • Only their interpretations of evidence permitted
  • Contrary data is ignored or suppressed
  • Driven by atheistic naturalism paradigms
  • Fact-free assertions used to "prove" their assumptions
Climate change alarmists such as Extinction Rebellion are using the complex scientific method of being jerks to force political action, such as disrupting Amazon on "Black Friday" and gluing body parts to objects. Others are irrational as well. Great way to earn respect and a seat at the table with the grown-ups — especially when leftists write incoherent biased "news" to support them. Evolutionists saw fit to saddle up and ride with that gang.

The secular science industry has saddled up to ride with the climate change gang. Fact-free claims are made that this drives natural selection.

As we have seen, the secular science industry is taking up leftist interests, including abortion, demonizing Christians with fake science, propaganda for homosexuality, and (all together now) climate change. Emissaries from the secular science industry know their way around the halls of climate change hysteria quite well, so they know how to use it to expand evolutionism and give an add-on to their puny god of Natural Selection.

How does evolution through natural selection happen? Climate change drives it! Of course, they reject the Creator as well as conducting actual science.
“Climate change” is the trendy catch-all explanation for everything in the Darwinian toolkit. Yes, climate has changed in the past. The fallacy lies in thinking of it as a driver of innovation.

That's all the preview I'm giving you, so you'll have to read up on these beauties at "Evolutionists Add Another Magic Wand: Climate Change." Also recommended, an exhaustive article linked at "Climate Change Science from a Creationist Perspective."