Christmas Presents from the Master Engineer

It is readily apparent that everything in the universe was designed, from celestial objects to humans to single-celled organisms. A commonly used argument by apologists is that a building requires a builder, a painting requires a painter, so all these things with specified complexity require a Creator.

However, that argument from intelligent design is all right for a starting point, but it does not go far enough. You may convince a skeptic that there is a higher power, but then what?

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Through his creation, the Master Engineer has made himself known from the beginning. It is a good thing for us that we don't have to speculate; he made himself known through special revelation. The Maker is the God of the Bible, and he has given us gifts for Christmas.
The Creator of the world and all that is in nature has been identified! He speaks every language on earth. Here is the English version of what he said:

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