Wokeness and Canceling Science

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen 

Although I want to write about biblical creation science and refutations of universal common ancestor evolution, culture and politics force themselves into the material. Part of the problem is that the secular science industry supports leftist causes, so science-related discussions become tainted with the stuff.

The secular science industry has tried for years to replace the Creator with false gods of Evolution and Natural Selection. Evolutionists are reaping what they have sown — and this time it scares them

Political leftism is infiltrating science, and wokeness is alarming science-denying secularists. This is derived from their evolutionary worldview.
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Materialists impose their naturalistic origins mythology on the world in the name of science and reason. Such philosophies cry "Havoc!" and let loose the dogs of absurdity. Even atheist Friedrich Nietzsche had a glimmer of the truth that we need God.

Wokeness is a result of their worldview.

In these days of postmodernism, which includes situational ethics and subjective morality, wokeness is similar in that the concept is nebulous. If you ask different people or do a web search, you'll get different answers. Near as I can figure, the essence of wokeness is the claim that white people are bad — especially straight males. Also note the prevalence of postmodernism in the woke gang.

As radical environmentalism has grains of truth, wokeness is a protest against social injustices inflicted upon ethnic groups. We know racial injustice has existed for ages, but racism (and slavery) are not as one-sided as some people claim. Consider that the fake Marxist and racist "holiday" called Kwanzaa which begins on December 26.

Wokeism is at its core a neo-Marxist movement camouflaged in human rights activism. This includes Black Lives Matter, "systemic racism", "social justice", and Critical Race Theory (I suspect one reason the second MacGyver series was canceled is because it was pandering to Black Lives Matter.) The wokenss fulcrum is to be blaming white people for the evils of the world.

People are tired of being accused of being bad because someone else says so. Assertions are not evidence, but when made by the "correct" people, things get...truly bizarre. There was a time that dictionary definitions mattered. Now definition are changed to reflect trends and ideologies instead of reality (for example, see "Science, Evolution and the New Golden Rules" and how Darwin's votaries pull the ol' bait 'n' switch on definitions). Healthy skepticism and critical thinking are basically nonexistent — especially when dealing with a herd mentality. Many people "think" with their emotions, and leftists use that to their advantage.

Indeed, since Big Tech is extremely leftist, it becomes increasingly difficult to find material that is pertinent to the discussion because it is overshadowed by their preferred material, which is saturated with fake news and cherry-picked data. When it is pointed out that black-on-black crime is rampant or that blacks commit more crimes, the material (when it can be found) is dismissed by elitist leftists and pusillanimous Conservatives as "racist". We are not allowed to have the conversations because facts interfere with the narrative. Racism is not exclusive to white people, despite protestations of leftists.

If you study on it a spell, you may notice that creation scientists have to deal with something similar: they are shunned by the secular science industry for not being "woke" to atheistic naturalism and evolution.

We have two articles to consider (well, the second is a continuation of the first). The wokeness gang is infiltrating science itself. (Amazingly, some have even said that mathematics is racist!) It involves their definitions of oppressed and indigenous people. Postmodern relativistic thinking is prominent, and logic is conspicuously absent. What some tinhorns want would put people groups into true dark ages and idiocy.

Try this exercise. Take any neutral or wholesome word, like “safety” or “fairness,” then imagine it in a policy that justifies evil. . . . This practice uses the power of a propaganda tactic called euphemism, the “substitution of a mild, indirect, or vague expression for one thought to be offensive, harsh, or blunt.” Our Baloney Detector gives examples of euphemisms in the category “Loaded Words.”. . .  

Three of the most widely used euphemisms today are diversity, inclusion, and equity. They are innocent, even commendable words. Diversity is a neutral word that scientists use, like in biodiversity, meaning the number of species in a habitat. Inclusion is another neutral word that scientists might use to describe particles inside a cell membrane. Equity is an ethical term about general fairness or justice; it can also mean the value of monetary assets minus debt. Now try to imagine these three words fomenting a social revolution, and you see what scientists are up against. These three words are at the forefront of the “woke” crowd – radicals who want to overthrow the civil order, destroy it, and rebuild it into a communist utopia championing the most vague euphemism of all: “social justice.” Some radicals calling themselves “social justice warriors” (SJW) believe it is equitable to burn down businesses based on the owner’s skin color. Others have noted that the adjective “social” contributes nothing; there is only justice or the lack of it.

Prepare to be amazed and read "Wokeism Will Destroy Science" in its entirety. This material is important, so I'm urging you to come back for the follow-up.

There are new words and terms such as cancel culture and deplatform. These are ways of punishing people who do not cater to the viewpoint du jour, and there are "social justice warriors" that are destroying statues, denying free speech, calling for repentance but not offering forgiveness (which brings to mind this segment of an episode of The Prisoner), and gleefully punishing people. A few years ago, I went on record as defending Clinton Richard Dawkins when he was deplatformed in Berkeley. Why? Although I dislike him and his incoherent epistemology, I also believe his right to free speech was infringed.

Although creationists have pointed out that Charles Darwin was a blatant racist and this influenced his conjectures, it is interesting that he has not been deplatformed. Evolutionary thinking is vitally important to Marxism and its derivatives, so we shouldn't be all that surprised that useful idiots have been steered away from Darwin.

Secularists feel warm and snuggly in their safe spaces of the secular science industry or atheistic academia. Some tried to stand up for reality regarding sexes and for free speech. Instead of moving along with their careers, they reaped what they have sown in their pestiferous worldview and the paganism in gender confusion.

Evolutionary biologist Colin Wright posted that men have advantages over women in sports...it did not go well. He was scolded for "hate speech" because science that doesn't agree with the leftist narrative espoused by secularists. His colleagues shunned him, and castigated not what he wrote, but what they were told he wrote. (Isn't that a common tactic that biblical creationists deal with frequently?) Wright wanted reason and evidence to win the day, not ideology. Didn't happen. Interestingly (hypocritically?), he was not consistently applying his views when attacking biblical creationists.

Burth Weinstein and Heather Heying are evolutionists as well. They objected to Evergreen University in Washington State's day where whites would not be permitted to attend classes. By redefinition of words, black racism is not really racism. Oh, please! They were in physical danger for objecting to this nonsense by excerebrose woke mobs.

These folks and others were not woke enough, not leftist enough, despite their adherence to evolutionism. Careers and dreams were shattered because reality itself was not good enough. Wright now has friends that are Christians and creationists with whom he feels he can have decent conversations — better than with science-denying woke leftists. Perhaps being slapped by reality could be a good thing for them, and they will come to realize that their worldview is incoherent, and that salvation as well as true knowledge are found only in our Creator.

Evolutionary biologists are in a quandary. Their theory is entirely amoral; whatever is, is right. Whatever culture does, it evolved to do. Humans are no different than fruit flies or apes. Natural selection shapes everything, including language, culture and politics. Some evolutionary biologists study termites to try to understand the origins of human political systems.

But a couple of evolutionary biologists have been aghast at their culture after suffering the wrath of today’s “Woke” mob—those anarchists who promote violence in support of “social justice” (SJ). How can they say it is wrong? Their righteous indignation rings hollow when they rehearse the wrong that has been done to them, and then give advice on what should be done about it.

To read the rest (which also has the culmination of both articles), head on over to "Evolutionary Biologists Aghast at Cultural Wokeism." If you're really interested in learning beyond those, take a look at "Natural Selection in the Secular Science Industry."