Martian Water and Evolution Fantasies

Heading up yonder toward the Darwin Ranch, just before you encounter the Winkie Guards, there is a place that people shun: Creek Road. They say strange things happen there, and it is home to a crazy hermit that screams at the darkness. He is suspected of providing peyote buttons to the ranch hands.

Rusty Swingset, the foreman, has been trying to discourage recreational drug use, but such activity may explain the baffling speculations passed along as science regarding Barsoom. I mean, Malacandra. I mean, Mars.

Evolutionists are speculating that because Mars may have had floods in the past, there may have been evolution. Those speculations lack real science.
Background image derived from NASA / JPL-Caltech
Secularists are determined to deny and suppress evidence for the global Genesis Flood, but yee haw boy howdy, they are willing to consider that there were catastrophic floods on Mars. Liquid water is yet to be found, but secularists are obsessed with finding life there (or Enceladus, or just about anywhere else).

Evolution is of primary importance in atheistic naturalism, so life out yonder would somehow disprove the existence of the Creator in their darkened minds (Rom. 1:21). Catastrophic floods on waterless Mars may have happened, or may be suitable for fantasies from Edgar Rice Burroughs or C.S. Lewis, but denying the evidence for the Flood on Earth is illogical. Evolution on Mars? There is no science in that.
The deepest canyons on Mars were rapidly formed by devastating floods (New Scientist, 29 Sept 2021). Leah Crane announces a rethink. Mars was supposed to be another world of uniformitarian gradualism. Now, she says, geologists led by Timothy Goudge at the University of Texas at Austin are reconsidering. They now concur that some processes must have happened really, really fast.

To read the full article, which won't take long, launch your ownself to "Evolution Suspected on Mars."