Natural Selection in the Secular Science Industry

Disciples of the Lord Darwin have a problem because they are reaping what they have sown. After all, they believe in natural selection and survival of the fittest, so those things logically should occur in the secular science industry.

The mysterious machines at work in their mind are not consistent with their fundamentally-flawed worldview. If morality comes from evolution, they cannot be consistent and lament unethical and immoral behavior. Secularists are inadvertently appealing to God when they want an ultimate standard.

Hudson River...thing, Flickr / Cowboy Bob Sorensen (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

If using fake science, referencing retracted papers, submitting fraudulent papers and having them pass peer review makes them survive better — sure, why not? Some establishments have a "publish or perish" standard that puts tremendous pressure on some folks who simply want to go about their business conducting scientific research, so that probably contributes to the temptation to cheat.

Yet, true morality comes from God and he has placed it in our hearts. Many deny or suppress it, but occasionally it appears. Mayhaps it's tainted, such as self-interest, but it's still there.

People are losing trust and respect for the secular science industry, and some people want to slow the bleeding. Humility instead of arrogance is in order in various social sciences. Willingness to look at all the evidence and consequences of global warming activism. Those are good starts. You cannot heal yourself, old son. It's time to cowboy up and get straight with your Creator and Redeemer.

There are undoubtedly many individual scientists doing good work—perhaps a majority. The following news should not be interpreted as disparagement against those serving their fellow man through honest research using their years of training and skills. Their institutions, however, are plagued with problems because of lack of character and integrity. These include wild speculations, political biases, personal ambition and outright fraud. Some of these problems are becoming recognized by the institutions themselves. No longer can one place implicit trust in scientific journals and science news outlets. Critical thinking is required like never before.

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