Paleontologists Dodging Important Ichthyosaur Questions

The hands at the Darwin Ranch get all a-twitter over discoveries in paleontology, but have a nasty habit of leaving important details laying in the rain by the bunkhouse door. A recent example involves an ichthyosaur that was fossilized during chow time.

Paleontologists studied an ichthyosaur fossil that was fossilized immediately after eating. They ignored very important questions that would have been inconvenient for their worldview.

Of course, they presuppose millions of Darwin years and use the old "fossilization takes a mighty long time" idea to try and hornswoggle people again. Perhaps the secularists didn't want to consider the implications of the neglected facts. Creationists know that the evidence doesn't support their deep-time notions, and have the unmitigated gall to think and ask questions. 

For example, if fossilization takes so long, why was the predator ichthyosaur unable to digest its prey even a little? Add this to other examples of extremely rapid fossilization and the increasingly-present soft tissues, and the evidence points to recent creation and the Genesis Flood.
Here is another example of an ichthyosaur that was buried rapidly. This one didn’t have time to digest its lunch.
Ichthyosaurs and plesiosaurs are classes of extinct marine reptiles known only by fossils around the world. Some famous fossils on display show them in the process of eating or giving birth (see photo at, indicating that they were buried almost instantaneously, surprising them in the acts of everyday life. Now another has been found with the undigested contents of another large animal in its stomach.
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