Evolutionists are Working for Creation Science

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen

A common accusation against creationists is that we oversimplify science with, "GodDidIt". While be believe that God is the ultimate first cause and has a plan, creation scientists want to know how God did it. 

Creation scientists are nowhere near as well funded as secular scientists. They still do research, but also use materials provided to uphold creation.
Creation of the World / Ivan Aivazovsky, 1864 modified with graphic from Open Clipart

Biblical creationists presuppose the truth of Scripture and the majority of secular scientists presuppose atheistic naturalism. They are unable to give plausible scientific explanations and models for slime-to-slate-roofer evolution, so they draw upon circular reasoning based on other baseless explanations; these essentially come down to "EvolutionDidIt" and "It evolved". I reckon that's a bit of a logical fallacy (or a psychological defect, mayhaps) to say that creationists are not interested in explanations for what is observed, but secularists offer little of substance themselves.

The money and power in the secular science industry (our tax money) is controlled by people who are opposed to the authority and truth of God's Word. Obviously, there are more of them than us, and funding to "prove" evolution and deny credit to the Creator is substantial. This helps them intellectually justify their rebellion against God (Psalm 14:1, Prov. 1:7, Rom. 1:17-23). The pressure is on to find the Next Big Thing and get more grant money. Funding for creationist organizations most certainly does not get funneled through government agencies. Most of that comes from donations and the sale of merchandise.

Creation science maintains recent creation and design. There are many credentialed scientists who affirm creation, and they contribute to science. Indeed, they are published in secular as well as creationist peer-reviewed journals. Creation scientists affiliated with ministries also conduct research. They are blackballed from presenting material that promotes recent creation, the Genesis Flood, or refuting evolutionary ideas in secular journals however. If creation astronomers want to use the Hubble telescope, they even have to supply their own bags of quarters to run the thing.

Scientists who uphold creation have intelligence and training, but I'll allow that their opportunities are curtailed by the bigotry of secular owlhoots. They can, however, use the information in secular publications and analyze the data themselves. (We have seen many examples of that sort of thing in these posts.) Sort of like shooting them with their own Darwin Death-Ray Blaster®. One excellent example of a site that does this sort of thing on a regular basis (often including several items from secularists in one article) is Creation-Evolution Headlines.

The typical village atheist on social(ist) media is known to say, "You just don't understand evolution!" While that is usually directed at laypeople (typically by laypeople), creation scientists must understand evolutionary ideas and the thinking of its purveyors. Literature and videos from creation ministries show how creationists understand secular material; they do not want to misrepresent it — unlike some people we could mention. They present it to the rest of us. When we pay attention to creation science material, we are learning evolutionary thinking by default. We are also learning its flaws.

When creationists are not doing their own research, they use publications from the secular science industry. This is studied, and the scientific and logic errors of secularists are revealed. In addition, this information is used by creation scientists for their own studies. In an indirect fashion, evolutionists are working for creation science. Imagine the impact they could have with such major funding and secularists allowed discussion of inconvenient truths.