Disparity, Diversity, and the Cambrian Explosion

One of the greatest problems for deep time geologists and evolutionists is the Cambrian explosion. The name may bring to mind images of loud noises, flashes, and smoke, but it actually means that a passel of critters seemed to explode on the scene in the Cambrian layer.

The disparity of life forms found in the Cambrian explosion are often downplay or make excuses to avoid the problems that it has caused their belief system for many years. Release the rescuing devices.
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I'll allow that creationists tend to oversimplify the importance of the Cambrian explosion (myself included) by pointing out the diversity of life that, according to evolutionists, suddenly appeared on the scene. While that is not wrong, it is incomplete. There is disparity of life forms. That is, there are markedly different life forms near the top of the biological classification table. (Diversity may be more appropriately applied to creatures lower on the table, such as species or genus.) According to evolutionary thinking, there was no time for all these things to develop. What we see is evidence for recent creation, not deep time and evolution.

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Sure, Darwin's disciples try to find rescuing devices and evosplain it, but those invariably fail. Some just wave it off; I had an atheopath lie about what fossils were involved and the importance of their sudden appearance. Hand-waving is not scientific, nor is simply asserting that creationist arguments have been refuted — especially when the problems continue to mount for evolution. Downplaying the Cambrian problem will not help, either. So, what about lengthening the timeframe? Will that help?
Gage C. from the United States writes:
Dear CMI,

I’ve recently been going through a time of doubt and during my search for answers I’ve hit something of a stumbling block. I’ve come across a number of articles written in the past 4–5 years describing the Cambrian Explosion as having occurred over the course of about 25–55 million years. The suggesting being that the developments seen are compatible with an evolutionary time scale as there is plenty of time for life to develop into newer forms. This question is furthered by the claim that many of the fossils found show a steady change linking back to a common ancestor. I’m sorry if my question has been answered by one of your prior articles, but I could not find anything addressing these claims. I don’t know how to respond to those who say our arguments have been “long refuted.” I look forward to your response and hope to see a day when we are no looked down on for our beliefs.
CMI’s Shaun Doyle responds:
I'd take it mighty kindly if you would read the response. There is some excellent information there. Just click on "Doubt and the Cambrian explosion". Some other items for your consideration: "Showing Backbone in the Cambrian Explosion", "More Rumblings in the Cambrian Explosion", and "Magical Mystery Evolutionary Explanations for the Cambrian Explosion".