Ammonite Swimming Robotics Tainted by Darwin Worship

There have been many instances on just this site alone where some interesting research was conducted, but the scientists ruined it because they threw in the Darwin imprimatur. That is just an assumption, but the secular science industry wants such references despite their irrelevance.

Extremely interesting research was conducted on ammonite fossils, and also using information from their nearest living relatives. Models were made using 3D printing, which were loaded with electronics and made to swim in water. The results were quite interesting.

Some very interesting research on how ammonites may have swum steals credit from the Creator and gives baseless credit to evolution.
Asteroceras obtusum (ammonite), Wikimedia Commons / Nobumichi Tamura (CC BY 3.0)
The work conducted by the scientists was the result of extremely careful planning and engineering. As in those other instances, they gave themselves praise for their work (despite assumptions that were made and many limitations), but they threw around glory to evolution. (No word if they contacted the Darwin Ranch near Deception Pass to have prayer candles of C. Richard Dawkins made.) Although evolutionists, these tinhorns should realize that while they put a great deal of work and planning into their project, the real creatures subjected to their biomimetics were far, far more complex. Take from the Master Engineer without so much as a by-your-leave, then taint the research by praising evolution instead of the Creator. Typical of secularists.
You are probably familiar with fossil ammonites, classically found along the Jurassic Coast of England. Their lovely spiral whorls look a bit like coiled snakes (figure 1); and there are other types with different shapes. In life, they would have been similar to the modern nautilus and its cousin the ‘paper nautilus’ (see Amazing Argonauts). They had tentacles protruding from the shell’s opening, along with their head, mouthparts, eyes, and syphon (figure 2), with which the animal propelled itself backwards, using jet-like pulses of water.

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