Sneaky Evolutionary Propaganda and a Duck Dinosaur

Those of us with healthy skepticism and some critical thinking skills find Darwinist propaganda a vexation, plain and simple. It is often expressed in various forms of artwork, such as in our alleged apelike ancestors where they have whites in their eyes — which cannot be known, but it makes them look like they have vestiges of humanity. Dinosaur displays in museums omit modern birds, but they coexisted even according to evolutionary standards. Examples of illustrations based more on imagination than fact are numerous.

Evolutionary propaganda hoodwinks people without critical thinking skills. An illustration and story about a dinosaur duck is just propaganda.
Natovenator polydontus hunting fish, Nature Communications Biology / Yusik Choi (CC BY 4.0)
Propaganda can be effective in displays, but their impact is drastically increased by crafty wording. Jay Seegert mentioned in a video that people are impacted by headlines, and perhaps they actually read some of an article. However, they seldom realize that evolutionists are pulling the wool over their eyes, and the "evidence" for evolution is actually nonexistent! The damage is done.

In this case, we have a "non-avian" dinosaur that looks like a duck. Kinda sorta. Most of these owlhoots presuppose the dinosaur-to-bird evolution schtick. The artwork shows it swimming, although the fossil was found nowhere near an aquatic environment. Was there any compelling reason for the feathers and duckiness? Not really, no. Just another scam by people who want to put the Creator away. Hail Darwin! Blessed be!

How many readers of science news look at the pictures instead of the facts? Here again is another catchy artist rendition that misleads the eye instead of informing the mind. This is how evolutionary dogma advances: one visualization fallacy at a time. 

. . . Reporter Corryn Wetzel posted a large image of Yusik Choi’s rendition of a creature from bones that is almost as extreme as the case in the cartoon above. For one thing, the fossil was found in Mongolia in 2008, far from water. Yet Choi portrays it swimming on its breast like a duck, paddling with its hind feet, and sporting a coat of feathers.

The entire article about this devious "science" can be found at "If It Swims Like a Duck."