Warnings about Scientific Models

There can be no doubt that models are used extensively in scientific research, a subject we have discussed before. Models have a long history in science, and many were physical, not calculations on paper (so to speak). They have limitations and can also be used for nefarious purposes.

Models (like computer programming and artificial intelligence) rely on the information they are given. Climate change models are known for having a basis in using data that will further an agenda, so inconvenient information is often omitted. Similar things happen with models involving the origin of the universe, evolution, climate change, and so on.

Model of Royal Aircraft Factory S.E.5, Unsplash / Matias Luge
Some folks are concerned about the way modeling is conducted in the secular science industry. There are times when models are too cumbersome and better results could be obtained with less, but there are disingenuous reasons for those at times. They are useful, but not so much when they are used to "prove" conclusions based on the biases of the researchers and are fed incomplete data.

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