Design Denial is a Science Stopper

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen

From the standpoint of producing evidence for what they teach, biblical creationists can be baffled by the resistance displayed by anti-creationists. Some tinhorns claim that we never produce evidence — making such insipid claims on posts such as "Overview of Geologic Evidence of the Flood!" Material exposing evolutionary fraud and bad science is ignored or waved away.

In literally thousands of books, articles, videos and such, Creationists and Intelligent design proponents have discussed how evidence for design is abundant. Instead of intelligently discussing interpretations of evidence, atheists and evolutionists go beyond insults and attempt to dehumanize us.

It will shock sensible people to learn that some believe creatures like this red-bellied woodpecker are not designed, they just look that way. This and evolutionary thinking stop science.
Red-bellied woodpecker, Unsplash / Joshua J. Cotten
When misotheists attempt to dehumanize us, it shuts down rational discourse. It also indicates fear on their part. Can't be letting evidence for design get wide circulation, nosiree! That's bad medicine for atheism. Further, what does it tell you when evidence against evolution is forbidden in universities? That is a science stopper and also a hindrance to thinking.

To say that creationists explain everything with "GodDidIt" is an ad homiem and a lie. While biblical creationists certainly believe that living things represent the work of the Master Engineer, creation scientists want to know how he did things. Many work alongside their secular counterparts and investigate "what makes it go". It is ironic that many things are evosplained in scientific literature essentially as, "It evolved." That is a science stopper.

Additional science stoppers include the claims of "junk" DNA, vestigial structures, and so forth. Such things have been hindrances to medical science, but secularists persist in believing in evolution despite contrary evidence. The main reason that materialists reject evidence for design is that their worldview requires such presuppositions. The theology is beyond the scope of this article, but if their eyes were not blinded by Satan and sin, they would realize that God is the Creator and he makes the rules! Christians are supposed to believe the Bible, which explains that unbelievers are without excuse.

Folks like Clinton Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, and others admit that living things appear designed. Then they insist that they are not. Mount up and ride to the top of yonder hill for a bigger picture. For many years, most founders of modern science knew that there is a Creator and openly acknowledged that fact. This as well as looking for the purposes in design helped science to flourish. Instead of calling something an evolutionary leftover (mainly out of hubris because they did not understand such things), taking the view that God put something in place for a reason helps science flourish. Now we're back to the title: Design denial is a science stopper.

I'd be much obliged if all y'all would read the article that inspired this one, "Delighting in Design — and in its Originator."