Birds Seen through Darwin Spectacles

As we have seen several times, evidence must be interpreted, and people interpret it through their worldviews. People say evolution is a scientific fact, but there is considerable disagreement among its proponents.

Mayhaps it is a form of a circular reasoning game people play with their own minds (also inserting confirmation bias), but many evolutionists only see the evidence that fits their presuppositions. A recent book on bird evolution seems to be typical of the absurd agenda-driven thinking that we read about so many times.

A recent book on bird evolution seems very much like what we see too often. That is, people put on their Darwin spectacles and see imaginary evidence.
Modified from Freeimages / Kenn Kiser
Professor Douglas Futuyma wrote the book under discussion here. He tipped his hand on his propagandist approach in a previous book where he used discredited arguments to support evolution. Like others, he is an anti-creationist, and makes some statements that, from a logical and scientific perspective are...truly bizarre. Doug talks about bird fossils even though he admits they do not help evolution.

Also, he appeals to the secular miracle of "convergent evolution", even though there are no other examples of evolution that can be said to converge. Although Darwin's acolytes claim that genetics is a friend to evolution, the opposite is true. There is also the problem of bird feathers and wings, and the intricate design.

So many times, evolutionists bamboozle the uninformed and those who want their biases confirmed. If people would remove the Darwin spectacles, they would see that the claims of evidence supporting evolution are not only untrue, but they actually support special creation. No, old son, birds did not evolve, they were created. Recently. That's why the evidence doesn't fit your paradigm. You begin to savvy that?
Normally when doing research, one begins with the goal of looking at the evidence, then going where the evidence leads. However, Professor Douglas Futuyma, judging by the reviews of his new book on bird evolution published this month, takes the opposite approach. He “knows” what the answer is, then does research to support his preconceived view. He knows that birds evolved, then he looks for evidence to support this conclusion. This is not science but propaganda.

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