Deceptive Study Promotes Evolutionary Indoctrination

Can there really be any disputing that Darwinian indoctrination is increasing? Several posts referenced on this site show that babies are born ready to learn, read, and so on, but atheists insist that children are born atheist until they are forced to learn theism. Got a shred of science for that claim, Zeke?

There are indications that babies are born with an innate theism and recognize that the world is designed. Misotheists in the secular science industry know this, and the best way to push out belief in God is to replace that belief with evolution.

Illustration by Sidney Paget, 1904, modified at Pixlr Photomash Studio
In addition, misotheists accuse Christians of indoctrinating children, but those sidewinders are doing just that under the guise of education. A recent survey claimed to show that how children are influenced to believe evolution contains bad reasoning and is deceptive.

Anti-creationists want to reach as many teachers and students as possible to get them to believe in evolution. By demonizing Christians and creationists, they influence people into disregarding the science and logic supporting creation and design. The deceptive survey mentioned earlier involved a very specific study of Catholic students in Italy and Brazil, and reached conclusions that are not justified. Using loaded questions and ignoring more subtle factors helped them reach their goal.
My interpretation of the results is that certain factors were important in demolishing, or at least replacing, the intuitive view among these students that life was designed—the view most of us start out life as children with (i.e., the universal intuition of design). An old 1957 study of traditional creation accounts in ancient cultures showed that observing order and design everywhere in the world often results in an attempt to explain the source of that order.

You can read this very interesting article in its entirety by visiting "How to Do a Survey and Get Wrong Results."