Axions: The Dark Matter Show Must Go On

It is obvious that curiosity, exploration, learning, explaining are all a part of human nature. Secular cosmologists and cosmogonists stifle themselves when they presuppose materialism, so they have ruled out the Creator as the logical explanation. These folks believe in cosmic and biological evolution despite the evidence.

Huge amounts of money have been spent — wasted — in their search for dark matter and dark energy. The Big Bang has been Frankensteined with new parts for decades. While one concept of dark matter predates the Big Bang, it is still used as a rescuing device. Most of the universe is supposedly comprised of unseen dark stuff. One candidate for dark matter is axions.

Secular cosmologists cannot explain the universe, so they search for dark matter, which cannot be detected. One failed candidate for it is axions.
Galaxy clusters, NASA / ESA / JPL-Caltech / Yale / CNRS (usage does not imply endorsement of site contents)
Instead of the spirit of investigation, secularists are propping up naturalism with imagined things. CERN was looking for axions, but all they found were places not to look. Still, the show goes on and money is being spent. Scientists should know more than us reg'lar folk that no humans know everything, and humility is in order. That is more respectable-like than putting on performances.
Will dark matter particle searches be looked back on as the equivalent of 21st century alchemy? One of the favorite images for the philosopher’s stone is the axion, a theoretical particle that has never been seen. But cosmologists are making progress: they know where it is not.

Axions are the favorite dark matter candidate particles for some researchers. It would sure be handy to find them.

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How long will the public put up with excuses that “we’re getting warmer” before asking for their money back? Researchers stick to a tried-and-true strategy: promising the answer in futureware. The public doesn’t want them to give up now, do they?

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