Clear Evidence for God — No Excuse

One of the most common complaints by professing atheists is that there is insufficient evidence for God. They have disingenuously redefined atheism from one who believes there is no God or gods into lacking belief. Many will not give a direct answer as to what would constitute evidence for God, or even whether or not he would be able to make himself known. Many want God to meet their arbitrary subjective standards. The Creator of the universe is not a performing seal, old son.

Webb telescope galaxies, NASA, ESA, CSA, and STScI (usage does not imply endorsement of site contents)
Those of us who believe that the Bible means what it says know that despite their protestations, God has indeed made himself known. A standard argument by theists is to say that unbelievers just need to look around, his design is clearly evident. Do not fall into the "prove it to me" trap because they are getting you to admit that you don't believe what God's Word says.

Somehow, tinhorns like Clinton Richard Dawkins are considered brilliant theologians when they say that things only appear designed, but they are not. (Such remarks cannot have empirical data to support them because they are only opinions by people who hate God.) People suppress the truth, but if they would bother to examine aspects of creation, they would realize that they are without excuse. I mean, really look without presupposing chance and evolution.
Theophilus sits in a coffeehouse with a latté and his Bible. His classmate, Epicurus, can’t resist needling him, “I don’t get you Christians. How can you say that God sends people to hell who have never heard? A God like that can’t be true.”

What should Theophilus say? “We don’t really know what God does with the unevangelized”?

Romans 1:18–21 has a more direct answer to modern Epicurus. Those who have never heard are willfully guilty for rejecting God because God has revealed Himself clearly in the wonders of creation.

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