The Absence of Alien Contact

Secularists know that aliens exist out there, thataway — because evolution. Like other things related to atoms-to-alien evolution, they rely on the compex scientific principle of Making Things Up™. Those of us who are not content to simply accept "scientists say" want explanations.

There is a glamorous idea of noble space aliens who are friendly, curious, and scientific. Do secular scientists consider that their invisible friends may be hostile, joyriding children, escaped criminals, trophy hunters, or conquistadors? Asking for a friend. Even so, secularists try to determine their motives for avoiding us.

Secularists believe in their invisible friends from outer space, but cannot explain why they are quiet. The speculations are often startling.
Alien spaceship, Pixabay / Lance
One speculation is that Earth doesn't measure up. Our technology isn't advanced enough for them to initiate a first contact. Of all the nerve! There must be hundreds of advanced extraterrestrial civilizations, someone must want to say howdy.

See, I can speculate just as well as they can, and I do it for a lot less money.

Materialists assume evolution is happening all over the universe. This is despite the dearth of exoplanets that can even remotely be considered habitable, the absence of signs of alien life closer to home, and ignoring all of those evidences for recent creation (e.g., "JWST Finds Mature Galaxy in Young Universe"). The problem of the origin of life is passed on to aliens, and numerous difficulties (including fraud) related to neo-Darwinism are waved off, just like evidence for recent creation. This is science? Asking for another friend.

I'll let you in on something: There are no aliens from outer space. No, not all UFO/UAP sightings are hoaxes or mistakes, but there is no compelling reason to believe that the genuine sightings are  of extraterrestrials. People say that, but they are just making chin music without knowledge. Those bad boys really are bad boys from another realm.

But I digress.

The biggest clinker in the search for communications with ETs is the travel problem. No, not that old car in the back. I mean radio transmissions. Some secularists acknowledge this, but many seem to have faith that aliens are defying laws of science and listening in. Oh, please!

Reporter Stephanie Pappas gives storyteller Amri Wandel license to give his evidence-free response to the “Fermi Paradox.”

This paradox, voiced by physicist Enrico Fermi, asks why the aliens have not visited Earth by now if they have been evolving for billions of years. Pappas summarizes Wandel’s answer thus: “A new paper claims that intelligent aliens would only be interested in contacting the most technologically advanced planets, and Earth doesn’t make the cut.”

Wandel’s story attributes godlike powers to space aliens he has never seen:

You can read it all by beaming over to "The Pseudoscience of Psychoanalyzing Aliens."