Double Standards in Academia: Deviants, but not Creationists

Most of the time, having tenure is a protective shield for academics. There have been many times when a teacher goes rogue but is allowed to remain is because of tenure. It is a difficult process at that point to have someone removed. It was, anyway. Depends on ideology.

Secular educational systems are strongholds for the religion of secular humanism, although they deny it. Someone who is one of those horrible Christians has to keep a low profile as well as believe evolution. To be a Christian who rejects Papa Darwin ends careers.

University of Missouri persecutes a professor who rejects Darwin, and Oxford University denies science by advocating a deviant non-scientist.
Francis Quadrangle, University of Missouri original image: PxHere
Professor Change Laura Tan worked at the University of Missouri. Although she was a Christian since 2004, she became an evolutionist because she thought that's where the science led. Dr. Tan began to doubt Darwin when teaching molecular biology and writing a textbook on the concept.

She discovered that the science did not support the claims of evolutionists. When trying to find answers in key areas, she found doggerel for the dogma (nothing useful). Dr. Tan had realized that not only was evolution impossible, the science actually supports the Bible.

Persecution not only ensued, but also increased. Through intellectual dishonesty, a show trial, and blatant hypocrisy, she was fired.
In the past, the major problem experienced by those who rejected Darwinism based on science was denial of tenure. Tenure was generally an effective protection against termination based on one’s conclusions about Darwinism, but not any longer. A new book about a tenured professor expelled for a scientific discovery which created major problems for Darwinism documents this reality. The case involves Professor Change Laura Tan, formally a tenured associate professor teaching molecular biology at the University of Missouri.

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Now we're moving to Oxford University where a person going by the name of Dr. Clara Michelle Barker is getting praise. "She" is a man who had treatments to appear to be a she. We have seen numerous times that the secular science industry has become heavily leftist, and "transsexuals" are useful for their goals.

Eagle image from Pexels, by Darrell Gough

Sexual deviancy is a favorite item of the left, and advocates try to redefine reality with appeals to emotion, rewriting history, and blatant assertions. Try as they might, believing a gender can be changed is science denial. Oxford is appealing to the left by denying science — and reality, for that matters.

But what has Clara done to be considered a scientist? Nobody knows. Being a lab manager may carry some weight, but the only writing and lecturing has been has been to promote sexual deviance. All of this is actually rooted in rebellion against God's created order. There is a great deal of humility and repentance that is needed here.

Academia is increasingly stressing the importance of tolerance in the workplace and classroom. One of the latest examples is a person who self-labels as a “trans” (male to female) named Dr. Clara Michelle Barker. On one website she claims, “I am a proud pansexual transwoman and I am a materials scientist.” To be “pansexual” is to be sexually or romantically attracted to people regardless of their sex or gender. She calls herself a scientist but she is actually a lab manager who uses pulsed-laser deposition machines that hit composites of copper, barium, or calcium with a high-powered laser beam to knock some of the atoms off the material’s surface. Those atoms that are knocked off travel through a vacuum and are collected on another surface, forming a thin film.

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