Creation Science Geology and Cave Formation

My father would have been 100 years old today.

According to the consensus of secular geologists, slow and gradual processes observed today explain what happened in the distant past. Even though this view is saturated with difficulties, it is still held by the majority of secular geologists and evolutionists. Uniformitarian puts a smile on Darwin's face because evolution needs deep time.

Secularists believe the formation of caves and those decorative effects inside refute biblical creation science and the Genesis Flood. They conveniently ignore that the same charges they make against creationists also work against their own paradigms. Secularists also work from a serious lack of understanding of the Flood and subsequent Ice Age, preferring prejudicial conjecture instead.

Acids occur naturally, and it is thought that caves can form by carbonic acid, but this idea does not work. Their explanations cannot overcome obstacles. Were caves formed in the past by sulfuric acid? That seems to be a definite possibility. It also supports creation science Genesis Flood models. In addition, those decorate stalactites and such would have formed quickly during the Ice Age.
Secular earth scientists claim that the Bible (specifically Genesis 1–11) can’t be true because numerous past and present geological processes operate much too slowly to fit within its history. For example, it is claimed that sediments deposit so slowly today that it would take millions of years for all the world’s sedimentary rocks to form. Caves and their formations (speleothems) are another example.

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