Neanderthal Baked Crab Party

Those Neanderthals were an interesting group, and they were fond of having parties. Especially at the beach. Mayhaps last weekend was a clam bake, but this time it was a crab bake. Those things are a little more of a challenge to gather, which made it more rewarding.

One Neanderthal was streaming a video of Beach Blanket Bingo, another was cranking up "Nothing but a Good Time" and someone had to get them to compromise before a fight broke out. Lots of food, cold drinks, telling stories around the fire... No fire here, but that is a story. Except that Neanderthals did know how to bake crabs.

There is a great deal of evidence refuting the old idea that Neanderthals were brutes of evolution. Add to this the fact that they baked crabs.
Salt-baked crab, Flickr / insatiablemunch (CC BY 2.0)

We are blessed to be living in a time when recipes have been passed along for generations and can be recorded for posterity. Cooking and baking techniques are in books and on television, and websites have thousands of recipes available. Also, people can always improvise (I'm a hack at cooking). Neanderthals baked crabs and it appears that they used typical cooking temperatures. Further, like any other humans, they added things to add flavor. This is still more evidence that Neanderthals were fully human, the results of special creation and not of evolution. They probably figured out the best parts of crabs to eat.

The evolutionary science community said it perfectly in their headlines: “Proof that Neanderthals ate crabs is another 'nail in the coffin' for primitive cave dweller stereotypes.” That’s the key when it comes to these so-called sub-human primates (as some people would say). There’s nothing primitive about them.

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