Thalattosuchia, the After-While Crocodiles

A fundamental tenet of universal common descent evolution is that humans evolved from fish, and ultimately, from minerals. There had to be creatures evolving limbs from fins, and Tiktaalik roseae got evolutionists all het up, but that was a failure.

Other critters supposedly evolved from land back into the water, and the Thalattosuchia are considered candidates for that as well. Here we get into word salad, where they are referred to as marine crocodiles, but are not classified with crocodilia. Whatever. Thalats and such were crocodile relatives, then.

Saltwater Crocodile, Flickr / Bernard Dupont (CC BY-SA 2.0)
Just like the original transition from water to land, there is no evidence of moving from land to water. Some evolutionists got a notion to use computed tomography, and they think they found a confirmation for their biases. Their article used the complex scientific principle of Making Things Up™ in lieu of evidence. Sure is a great deal of time, money, education, and more wasted on trying to deny the Creator, isn't it?
These animals have made the science news because computed tomography (CT) has supposedly shown an evolutionary feature of these crocodylomorphs regarding the structure of their inner ear, “New insights into the anatomy of the inner ear of prehistoric reptiles, the thalattosuchians, revealed details about one of these evolutionary turning points.”

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