Ichthyosaurs Icky to Evolution

My friend Hammond Suisse was talking to some of the hands from the Darwin Ranch in town, and there were a mite glum because of recent reports on fish lizards (ichthyosaurs). They knew that the narrative about evolving and re-evolving did not hold water. Now this.

Despite claims of fundamentalist evolutionists, there are fossils out of sequence. Since there is no reasonable evidence for the evolution of those extinct marine lizards, one owlhoot came up with the idea that they evolved in bursts. Now there is an ichthyosaur fossil in the wrong place.

Ichthyosaurs are a problem for evolutionists. There is no evidence, and a recent fossil in the wrong place caused several problems for evolutionists.
Ichthyosaur, Copyright Expired Science Illustrations / Heinrich Harder, 1916
Way up yonder, north of Norway, is an island called Spitsbergen. The source of the consternation was found there. No signs of evolution, this monster (some of these wet dinosaur cousins were huge) was fully formed and in rocks that are dated by secularists as 250 million years old. That is too old for the evolutionary scenario, but right in keeping with the fact that everything was created recently. Unfortunately, evolutionists are so locked into their presuppositions, they cannot examine contrary evidence.
The Darwinians have two grand myths to maintain about the origin of giant sea creatures: the origin of whales and the origin of ichthyosaurs. Ichthyosaurs (“fish-lizards”), like whales, are thought to have started as land animals that found new niches to explore in the ocean. Over time, they lost their limbs and became obligate swimmers, coming up for air but otherwise doing everything in the water, including bearing live young.

To read the rest, sail over to "Ichthyosaurs Did Not Evolve; They Appeared Suddenly." If y'all want some additional information, here are some articles from an Intelligent Design site, but they believe in long ages and possibly a form of theistic evolution: "New Scientist: Ichthyosaurs Evolved 'Astonishingly Rapidly'” and "Fossil Friday: The Abrupt Origin of Ichthyosaurs." In the video segment below, we see yet another example of how an evolutionary explanation causes more problems than it solves: