Programmed Biases and Artificial Intelligence

The subject of artificial intelligence keeps cropping up, and it will continue to do so for quite some time. Having "machines" become sentient and taking over has been a favorite theme in science fiction for decades. Some of those stories are fanciful, others may be cautionary tales.

In the earlier post "Artificial Intelligence and Replacing Humanity," several articles were linked that show how humanity really has nothing to fear. A primary reason is that AI can never become equal to, let alone surpass, the human brain.

Some people are afraid of artificial intelligence, but it is a tool. This tool is subject to its programming, showing bias like programmers intended.
Artificial Intelligence, Pixabay / Gerd Altmann (geralt)
As discussed previously, AI and other computers are subject to their programming. This was recently illustrated in an opinion column by Robert Marks. Western civilization has been distancing itself from biblical principles, so it shouldn't be surprising when ChatGPT has to practically be begged to mention what many biblical creationists believe: Behemoth in the book of Job is a sauropod dinosaur. After all sorts of prompting, ChatGPT gave its answer in a disparaging manner — according to its programming.
As of the time of writing this, the world is just now being awakened to a new technological leap which is, to borrow from Jordan Peterson, perhaps on the same level as Gutenberg’s invention of the printing press. I am talking about the new generalized AI language model, ChatGPT. I can say with certainty that before seeing this artificial intelligence model in action for myself, I simply would not have believed it capable of the feats I have witnessed it complete in only seconds. Compared to previous chatbots that I’ve interacted with, it is as if the world has suddenly jumped from using handcarts with wooden wheels to modern-day, computer-assisted, fuel-injected, internal combustion automobiles.

The rest of the article is found at "AI Answers: What Is Behemoth?" Also of interest is a short article that simply waves off fears of an AI takeover. Instead, people are concerned that we are not using this tool most effecively — especially in the military. It's worth a read: "Robert J. Marks on Fox News: You Are Not Going to Be AI’s 'Pet'." The video below warns of an AI voice scam using your own voice!