Monkeys, Tools, and Evolutionary Fantasies

Believers in universal common descent have a rough time using the science they claim to love. They also like to slap around logic, presupposing that everything evolved — which means they believe it without evidence as a starting point. Then commence to using circular reasoning.

Another tactic they use is to suppress inconvenient evidence (the fallacy of exclusion). Because certain living things have traits in common, Darwinists say this is evidence of evolution (often using the non-answer, convergent evolution). Since apes and humans have traits in common, this is evidence of a common Designer.

Evolutionists have embarrassed themselves because early hominid stone tools were made by monkeys like this macaque. A study on toolmaking failed to support evolution.
Macaque will not make tools, original image: Hippopx
With their failed historical science machinations, evolutionists are bringing tears of embarrassment to Papa Darwin's eyes lately. Pieces of stone were found and attributed to ancient "hominids," but one bunch in Brazil was made by made by monkeys (possibly a brazillion of them). Another time, hilarity ensued when it was learned that supposed tools were made by horse hooves. Also, other critters are known to use tools. What of that, Darwinist?

A study was undertaken on monkeys and tools (obviously, tool is very loosely defined for evolutionary convenience). They also studied how humans and monkeys go about tool making, and also studied some behavior traits. Monkeys have no sense of fair play and taking turns, nor do they take a studied approach to making a real tool. Just bash and screech. Oh, boy. Humans demonstrate something not mentioned in the report: our creation in the image of God.
Should it be surprising that humans and apes have similarities? We inhabit the same planet, have many of the same needs, and have to eat what the planet provides. This does not imply evolution any more than thinking that a tricycle evolved into a bicycle all by itself. Both imply intelligent design. Darwin’s theory, however, demands “the descent of man” by a series of accidental mutations mindlessly selected by the Stuff Happens Law. The belief sends Darwinists on quests that could be dubbed monkeyshines: evolutionists falling for their own pranks.

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