Charles Darwin was not a Slavery Abolitionist

Disciples of Charles Darwin try to brush aside or ignore his view of women as inferior, and especially his blatant racism. Some build a straw man by claiming that we said evolution is racist when we talk about scientific racism and other extensions of his conjectures.

There have been owlhoots who claim that saying Darwin was a racist is an ad hominem, but that conveniently ignores the fact that his beliefs were fundamental in his development of evolution — ideas have consequences. People also point out that he was opposed to slavery, and a couple of authors try to make Charlie appear to be a passionate abolitionist.

People try to dodge the fact that Darwin was a racist by saying he was a slavery abolitionist. One book made grand claims, but is actually deceptive.
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A couple of biographers wrote a book that portrayed Darwin as someone who was concerned with the abolition of slavery. His work on species was with abolition in mind. When Dr. Robert F. Shedinger gave the tome close scrutiny, he realized it was stuff and nonsense. Sure, it was packed with reference material, and that would fool most people. But the references actually had little to do with the claims they allegedly supported. This prompted Dr. Shedinger to write five (reasonably short) articles for Evolution News, an Intelligent Design site:
Clearly, Charles Darwin was no William Wilberforce! If he was indeed an abolitionist, it did not seem to occupy much of his time. Also, Victorian people had no problem with being both abolitionists and racists.

We have people who are fools, saying in their hearts that there is no God (Psalm 14:1, Romans 1:18-23) and attempting to live morally. They think that everything came from nothing through time, chance, time, mutations, time, luck, and all that good stuff. And time. Their epistemology is warped. The Darwinian philosophy, when consistent and taken to its logical conclusion, leads to all sorts of evil. True knowledge and morality can only come through the biblical worldview — beginning at creation, the place these people try so hard to destroy.