Paper on Flight Evolution is Comedy Gold

What image comes to mind when the word scientist is used? Frowning, deep in thought, very serious, having intellectual conversations with other scientists, and so on. They gather facts, do unbiased research, and reach conclusions so they can spread their knowledge and better the world.

Not hardly! Like other people, they have biases, vices, and operate from presuppositions. One would probably not think of scientists as carrying Jelly Babies in lab coat pockets or being comedians. An examination of a paper on how critters developed powered flight was unintentionally funny.

A paper written by multiple authors was supposed to explain how powered flight in mammals such as flying squirrels evolved. It not only fails, it is unintentionally funny.
Flying Squirrels, Rawpixel / John Audobon, 1845, modified at PhotoFunia
Evolutionists assume evolution to prove evolution, then they invoke evolution to evosplain it to the unwashed masses. (No matter that the work of the Creator is the logical conclusion based on an honest examination of the facts, that's not allowed.) The flying squirrel and a few other mammals have extra skin that is used to glide. Bats also have stretched skin and use it for actual flying, not just gliding. And we all know what that means. Class? Bueller?


Right. And not just any evolution, but the miracle of convergent evolution. Aren't scientists clever? A paper by multiple authors that is infested with logical fallacies should have been deleted with extreme prejudice. The fact that such a thing is even considered is another indication of the state of the secular science industry.
Whenever Darwinian biologists offer a detailed presentation of how something evolved, we like to give them an honest hearing. In this instance, consider the observable fact that there are six kinds of mammals that glide, and one kind (bats) capable of powered flight—not just the ability to flap wings and lift a body against gravity, but magnificent flight! Bats are masters of aerobatics, turning on a dime, flipping and somersaulting and catching bugs at the same time. Plus, they have sophisticated echolocation for doing all this in the dark!

The rest of the article is found at "Batty Hypothesis Supposes Powered Flight Is Glorified Gliding."