Doubt Creation, so Doubt the Resurrection?

Apologists have often encountered people who claim to have lost, or are losing, their faith. One problem is that they are willing to accept the authority of skeptics, so they do not do their homework. This child has seen many instances when someone will claim that they could not get answers to their questions, but they are complaining online, where answers are available — if they sincerely want them. People who are not grounded in the faith should not spend time interacting with or reading material by scoffers.

Evolution causes people to lose their faith because if they cannot trust God in Genesis, no reason to believe the Resurrection and the empty tomb. There are answers for seekers who really want them.
Resurrection, Empty tomb  RGBStock / Alex Bruda
Skeptics today are scoffers, unwilling to accept answers, or even consider than answers exist. They corrupt those who are weak in the faith and drag them down. Atheists are good at posturing and ridicule. Those who are weak in the faith may be afraid that if they get misotheists on the prod, they will say mean things to or about them. What they experience is nothing in comparison with what Jesus went through. That's worth thinking about.

Some folks think that since biblical creationists are not all in lockstep, there is something wrong with creation science. Not hardly! It shows that people are thinking. It has been said in many places that creationists, like secular scientists, have their hypotheses and models. We presuppose the truth of Scripture (something Christians are supposed to do), including creation and the Genesis Flood. But models come and go. Secularists presuppose atheistic naturalism but also disagree about models.

It has been pointed out that when people doubt Genesis, there is a domino effect where they end up doubting the Resurrection of Jesus. They get steamrolled by the alleged facts of evolution, then they accept pronouncements of mockers. The same downward spiral applies when it comes to Jesus. Something not considered is that Satan wants to snatch away the seed of faith and works on planting doubts.

Such doubts are far less likely to happen if people spent time growing in the faith as well as with solid Christian and creationist teachings. What follows is a letter to Creation Ministries International from someone who is on the verge of losing his faith, and Shaun Doyle gives a good response. Well worth reading on the day we celebrate bodily Resurrection of the Creator, God the Son, the man Jesus, from the dead. Kindly see "Doubts about design and the resurrection."