A Magical Story of Butterfly Evolution

Regular readers should remember that Stevia Dolce, the baker at the Darwin Ranch, has expressed doubts about evolution. Yesterday afternoon, she was in her wagon heading away from Deception Pass, and I happened across her when I was out riding so we stopped and talked.

She gets good pay, but Rusty Swingset requires all employees to believe evolution. If she expresses doubts, she is afraid she will lose her job. The main doubt began when she held out her hand and a butterfly landed on her finger. Then Stevia did the worst thing for evolution: she began thinking.

Many details about butterflies such as this swallowtail, including metamorphosis, are baffling to evolutionists.  One tinhorn says he has answers, but he has no evidence.
Swallowtail butterfly, Unsplash / David Clode
Honest evolutionists admit that there are many things about butterflies they do not understand, especially metamorphosis itself. Monarch migration is an exquisite mystery, how they supposedly existed before flowering plants appeared, the design of the wings, and other stories are nothing less than evoporn.

Now some tinhorn says he has things figured out. As is too common in the secular science industry, he does not have the fossils or any other evidence to back up his story. I reckon if secularists had integrity, they would reject his material and ask for reasons to believe it. They prefer a story that reads like magic, not science. Since the tale supports the narrative and avoids the logical conclusion that butterflies were created recently, the author is taken seriously.
When scientists have no opposition, they get lazy. Darwinists are among the laziest scientists of all. They already enjoy membership in a totalitarian regime, so they never have to debate a creationist or a believer in intelligent design. They have millions of Darwin Years to play with. As a result, they make up stories with reckless indifference, treating evolution like a god.

. . .

Now, prepare to watch an evolutionist proudly attribute all of this to Darwin’s Stuff Happens Law. Where did butterflies come from? They arose.

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