Neanderthal Intelligence Threatening to Evolutionists

There is a substance called pitch that is the result of geological processes, and that has been presented as a problem for biblical creationists. Pitch is the result of the Genesis Flood, so how could Noah coat the Ark with this waterproof tar-like substance (Gen. 6:14)? That is not such a "gotcha" as scoffers think, since pitch also comes from plant material.

It has been learned that Neanderthals learned how to make and use pitch from birch trees. This shows yet again that they were smarter than secularists previously thought — and this threatens them.

More information showing the intelligence of Neanderthals is that they used birch tar. The response of evolutionists shows how they resist evidence that works against their narrative.
Neanderthal reconstruction, Flickr / Michael (a.k.a. moik) McCullough (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

Obviously, denizens of the secular science industry will not accept the fact that these fully-human folks were descendants of Adam, who was created intelligent from the get-go. Secularists are reluctant to relinquish the evolutionary link concept. Like my Question Evolution Day breakfast, there are link problems.


Excuses are made, such as if those guys were so smart, why didn't they advance even more before disappearing? That is an erroneous comparison, old son.

Many of us grew up with “Neanderthal!” used as a term of abuse for a stupid person. A 2021 study from the University of Tübingen and others, dusted off at ScienceAlert, paints quite a different picture,in connection with Neanderthals’ manufacture of birch tar. The tar from burnt birch wood can be used as glue, insect repellent, and antiseptic. It can be scraped from a fire naturally or it can be produced in a controlled way. Which method Neanderthals used says something about the development of their culture.

The study authors, Patrick Schmidt et al., went to a lot of potentially messy trouble to try to answer the question:

Although this is from an Intelligent Design site (not necessarily friendly to biblical creation), the article is worth your time. See it at "Researchers: Neanderthals Invented Process to Produce Birch Tar."