Genesis Flood Geology and the Grand Canyon

When Grand Canyon is mentioned, most people probably know about the one in Arizona. There are other canyons that could be considered grand, but they are hidden away — under Greenland ice and others are underwater. They may be grander, but people can visit the famous one.

Secularists say it refutes creation science Flood geology, assuming uniformitarianism (slow and gradual processes) to claim that it was carved by the Colorado River (including Wikedpedia) . Interesting that they cling to that story even though it denies science.

Secularists have the science-defying belief that the Colorado River carved the Grand Canyon. Creationists credit the Flood, but have competing models.
Colorado River and Grand Canyon, US Geological Survey (usage does not imply endorsement of site contents)
"Okay, smart guy, how do creationists explain how it formed?"

The global Genesis Flood provides the best explanation for the evidence. That statement is unsatisfyingly simple as an explanation. In fact, creationists are divided on how it formed. One view is that water built up during the Ice Age in lakes, then the natural dams breached. From this, the rushing waters carved it out. The other, more popular view among creationists, is that it was formed during the receding waters stage of the Flood. To learn the details of the models, click on "The origin of Grand Canyon — (by late-Flood channelized flow)" You may also appreciate "Bizarre Analysis of Grand Canyon Age."