Secular Science Industry Angry that India Schools Dropped Evolution

This news is a mite confusing on several levels. The secular science industry is outraged — outraged, I tell you — that evolution has been dropped from the education system in India. That may change momentarily, but like evolutionists feeling threatened by Neanderthal intelligence, principles here are important.

One thing this child found confusing is that officials said one reason to remove evolution is that it "conflicts with creation stories." Evolution is in keeping with Hinduism, the majority religious viewpoint. (Christians are a minority, and atheists are a tiny fraction of the population.) Secularists were disingenuous in their objections.

Secularists are outraged that evolution has been dropped from schools in India. That may change soon, but the dishonest objections should be noted.
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As expected, tinhorns said that evolution is essential for science. That is false, and there are many times when genuine science is performed without rubbing the belly of the Bearded Buddha. Molecules-to-mystic evolution is unhelpful in teaching medical science, and we have also seen where evolutionary thinking is downright harmful to medical science. Many problems would have been avoided if people admitted that the Creator designed things for their purposes instead of doing harm and realizing that creationists are right.

People need to keep the pressure on evolutionists and ask them why, if evolution is "settled science", is it propped up by fraud and lousy science? The secular science industry uses a great deal of bluster and obfuscation, and a heapin' helpin' of arbitrary definitions and redefinitions. Evolution does not have general agreement among scientists on how and why is supposedly happened, and its adherents admit to not understanding it in the first place!

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Dropping the teaching of evolution by schools in India is not a good thing. Mayhaps it's just pragmatic because those in charge realize evolution is cumbersome and has little value, but if the motive is to protect students, that's silly. Just like some Christians who want to shield their children from it, evolution permeates society and children will learn it. Teaching evolution properly with its weaknesses instead of the inerrant sanitized version, will help produce people who may learn to think critically; let them learn evolution the right way.
It was a decision that was echoed throughout the world: “India dropping core science topics from school textbooks,” including evolution. What really happened?

Nature Magazine reported “the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) — the public body that develops the Indian school curriculum and textbooks — released textbooks for the new academic year that started in May.” Typical are the comments of Stanford University science-education researcher Jonathan Osborne who opined: “Anybody who’s trying to teach biology without dealing with evolution is not teaching biology as we currently understand it … It’s that fundamental to biology.” Other topics were also removed, such as the periodic table, but none caused more controversy then the removal of evolution from the textbooks:

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