Darwinism Masquerading as Actual Science

Believers in descent-with-modifications evolution frequently equate their flawed science with empirical science. What is presented here often deals with origins, but there are scientists working in the secular science industry who just want to do their jobs. Most science has nothing to do with evolution.

They get their models all gussied up and mount them on their prize ponies, mayhaps nobody will notice the bad science and deception. (Sometimes bad guys get caught but their papers are not retracted. Just ask Vishwa Jit Gupta.) Evolutionists pretend to be just as good at science as the others.

Charles Darwin as a cowboy on a horse, made with AI at Bing
There are stories that are pretentiously presented as scientific research, but skip over the important details. F'rinstance, molecular machines called nitrogenases are not understood for the process of nitrogen fixation. Experiments yielded conclusions that would not withstand serious examination.

So, how about those marsupials? Think they'll win the championship in the World Cup? After all, some yahoos say they are "more evolved" than placental mammals, so they're ahead in the game. Sure, Skippy. More question begging, assuming evolution and using arbitrary standards. Then they wonder why people have doubts about their morality. Is that part of the reason they attack creation science? This child finds it difficult to respect folks like that. Hopefully that won't spill over into having disdain for scientists who are providing useful services.

Having gained camaraderie with normal scientists long ago, Darwinians pretend their storytelling is just as rigorous as rocket science or cancer research, and they have convinced other departments that they belong as academic brethren. Having inserted themselves like selfish genes into the Science Building, where philosophers don’t usually hang out, they have become adept at flashing detailed phylogenetic trees and genome comparisons and employing abstruse Jargonwocky. Big Media loves them because of their comfortable alternative to Religion, the despised bogeyman of science, which was excommunicated and censored from the Science Building a century ago after the Scopes Trial. A challenge to a Darwinian hypothesis? It must have been motivated by the Bogeyman, says Wormtongue, the science advisor to an aging and poisoned Francis Bacon. The status quo is just fine! The new regime established by King Charles has made science better than ever!

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