Evosplaining Human Ancestors Walking Upright

People who are skeptical of molecules-to-man evolution, and those who reject it outright, are labeled "science deniers" and ridiculed. We are stupid because evolution is a proven fact — even though it is called a theory, not a fact, by the secular science industry.

Also, evolutionary scientists are constantly slapping leather with each other over interpretations of data and our alleged apemen ancestors, some ideas are...truly bizarre. New data prompts more odd things. The latest squabble involves how our supposed ancestors changed their posture.

Remember, evolution is supposed to be unguided natural processes; the Stuff Happens Law instead of teleology (purpose). Evolutionists say it but don't mean it, invoking outside forces and causes in keeping with the pantheistic nature of the ancient philosophy of evolution (the apostle Paul debated Epicurean evolutionists, for example, in Acts 17:16-32). Those extremely apelike things we supposedly evolved from originally learned to walk upright because they were reaching for fruit.

Apparently they abandoned this scientific theory for how we learned to walk upright:

They dislike possible new evidence that doesn't fit the narrative, so the story must be rewritten. Ape folks wanted leaves, since the forest canopy was different back then. No reach extenders were available, so they learned to walk upright in a display of teleology. The evidence is... well, anything but God the Creator.

One of the many serious problems with “human evolution” is how, when, why, and where our alleged apelike ancestors decided to rise and walk upright as mankind does today. New research has changed the story. Again.

Anthropologists have long thought that our ape ancestors evolved an upright torso in order to pick fruit in forests, but new research from the University of Michigan suggests a life in open woodlands and a diet that included leaves drove apes' upright stature.

So now it’s picking leaves off trees–not necessarily fruit–that drove our ape ancestors to walk upright and sire humans.

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