Mudskippers Blink, Evolution Tinkers

A critter known as the mudskipper is found in warmer waters of the Indian, Pacific, and Atlantic. They are surprising in the way they use their front fins and tails to skip across dry land, and can even climb branches. Not for too long, though, they must remain wet.

Believers in fish-to-fool evolution claim that life began in the ocean and that we are, ultimately, fish. Those with Atheism Spectrum Disorder want to know how tetrapods (a large group of mammals including us) evolved to move from the sea to live on land and walk around.

Evolutionists are resorting to pantheism again. They make evolution into an entity that tinkers, which happened with mudskippers. There is no evidence for mudskipper evolution.
Mudskipper, iNaturalist / George Baker  (CC BY 4.0), modified at PhotoFunia
Of course, materialists assume evolution in order to prove it (begging the question), so they figure that the mudskipper gives insight into how tetrapods evolved from fish. Mudskippers blink, but they are amphibious fish and somehow give insight into how blinking evolved.

There is no evidence for mudskipper evolution. Darwin's acolytes insist that they are "evolution in action," but they were clearly designed for their ecological niche.

Blinking is a complicated and necessary, so it had to evolve with other features. The idea that evolution is an entity and that it tinkered with existing parts is...truly bizarre. Again, many scientific and logical dead ends that need to be evosplained. The logical explanation is that life did not evolve, it was created.
The mudskipper (Boleophthalmus caeruleomaculatus) of the order Perciformes, is a fascinating fish whose evolutionary origins are quite unknown. They supposedly ‘diverged’ from other bony fish (teleosts) about 140 million years ago.

Recently, evolutionists investigated the blinking behavior of the mudskipper:

Sail over to "Blinking Fish Transitioned to Land?" for the rest. Odd that this critter has had so many Darwin years to evolve and make something better of itself, but that didn't happen. By the way, they supposedly scream at each other and nobody knows how. The only videos I found were clearly fakes.