Nice Planet, Good Neighborhood, Great Atmosphere

There are many things about Earth that make it stand out from the competition. The stellar neighbors are far enough away so their antics of giving deadly radiation bursts do not bother us, and our own sun is well-behaved. Indeed, even the planets keep the solar system in balance.

Our Creator has given us things of beauty and order for our pleasure, and they also reflect his nature. The atmosphere of Earth is obviously supports life, including colors and displays that are simply amazing.

Earth has an atmosphere that makes life possible, but there are also numerous features such as rainbows and glories that were designed to be to pleasing to the eye.
747 Solar Glory, Wikimedia Commons / Brocken Inaglory (CC BY-SA 3.0)
You like rainbows, and those less common double rainbows? Same here. There are seven colors discernable to the eye, but the spectrum is actually far more complex. How about a circular rainbow? Then there's something that has several names, one of which is glory. It has similarities to a rainbow, but is different in composition. A glory can manifest around objects and even the shadows of people, but special conditions involving the round water droplets, refraction, and not-fully-understood physics are necessary.

Not only are we given colors in rainbows, but in the sky at different times. Yes, it's physics. I reckon that the Creator arranged the structure physics to be pleasing to the eye. To claim that such specified complexities are the product of evolution is ridiculous.

Consider the composition of our atmosphere. We need oxygen, but one spark and bam. There are other gasses to keep the proper balance. Carbon dioxide and water vapor are made out to be evil by certain political agendas, but they, too are essential. Consider one basic fact: Plants gladly receive carbon dioxide, and gratefully produce oxygen in return. That is probably the most obvious symbiosis that can be seen.

Have you ever wondered about the amazing features of Earth’s atmosphere? It permits light to pass through to us and illuminates the beauty of creation, while providing oxygenated air to breathe, and plant fertilizer in the form of carbon dioxide. It also creates a warming greenhouse effect, and acts as a shield which greatly diminishes the amount of the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays that can reach us. In short, it is wonderfully designed for life.

My introduction and that excerpt touched on a few things, but there are additional details developed at "Earth’s atmosphere—wonderfully designed for life."