Big Bang is a Big Whimper

Many Christians have not given serious consideration to how accepting secular notions about origins affects their entire theology. When accepting the latest pronouncements of man-made science philosophies, they are forced into a position of making theological adjustments to make it fit their understanding of Scripture.


The current popular view among secular scientists regarding the origin of the universe is the Big Bang. There are Christians who are quite happy to believe that God used the Big Bang to create the universe. Unfortunately, the Big Bang is seriously at odds with the book of Genesis and the order of creation, so they have compromise in the beginning. In addition, the Big Bang has serious scientific difficulties, and has been adjusted many times — so compromisers need to make frequent adjustments as well. The Big Bang is not "settled science", nor is it agreed on by all cosmologists and cosmogonists. Who are you going to believe, the Creator who has told us what he did in his Word, or changing scientific speculations?
Most scientists believe that the universe suddenly appeared 13.8 billion years ago in an event called the big bang. Today, the universe appears to be expanding, so if the big bang model were true, the universe would have been much smaller in the very beginning.

In addition, if the big bang were true, that would mean (according to secular astronomers) that at the beginning, the universe would have been much hotter than it is today. According to the big bang model, this hotter temperature in the early universe ought to have produced a radiation field that continues to fill the universe today.
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