Varieties of Evolutonists

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen

Experiences, observations and material that I have have read brought me to these speculations. With more time, reading and experience, I may adjust some of them later.

Some people will play with semantics, claiming that the word "evolutionist" is something contrived by creationists in an effort to malign proponents of evolution. Their "sources" for such an accusation are anti-creationist sites that simply make the assertion without evidence. The word evolutionist is indeed a valid word that gives a useful description, so I see no need to change my use of it.

Vehement anti-creationists
Having an online ministry brings out people who hate biblical creationists who will seek our Websites, Weblogs, social media areas and so on. They will lash out at us with assertions and ridicule (often calling us "liars" and "science deniers") because we disagree with naturalistic and atheistic interpretations of scientific evidence.

Example of bigotry and intolerance by irrational atheist. Have I just been threatened?
Fair use for educational purposes.

Many of these people are unable to construct a rational discussion, being content to rely on emotional reactions. Some ministries and creationist organizations will simply move on, because we have our work to do and cannot spend time with people who want to be vituperative. My belief is that they want to justify their hatred of and rebellion toward God, and attack the foundations of biblical doctrine. Most of these are atheists, but unfortunately some "religious" people join in.

Theistic evolutionists and Old Earth Creationists (OECs)
These reject the plain reading of Scripture, saying that a "literal" reading is ridiculous. However, creationists are not woodenly literal. We use the historical-grammatical approach like people do every day whether reading the Bible or other things. TEs and OECs insist on adding to the Bible and making it say things that are not there, as well as finding excuses to reject the six-day creation week. Why they join in with atheists in ridiculing those of us who believe the Scriptures as they are written is puzzling, but I suspect it is because they want to look intelligent in the eyes of the world. Ultimately, they deny the authority of the Scriptures that many claim to believe and rely on for their salvation.

Uninformed evolutionists
This heading is not intended to sound insulting or condescending. The fact is, people have evolution shoved down their throats at every turn. Government-run schools misrepresent evidence against evolution and supporting creation or Intelligent Design, use deceptive textbooks, suppress evidence against evolution, or they simply ignore it. They indoctrinate people into evolutionary thinking in this manner. The "good parts" that sound good to the indoctrinated are continually presented. So, what choice do they have except to believe it?

Sometimes they become curious about this creation science stuff that they've heard about and want to learn more. They start to investigate our side of the story, and begin to realize that important information has been withheld; creation science and ID are not the realm of "fundies", and do have scientific evidence.

These people may react with jeers at first, but we hope that they will take the time to read and honestly consider the material. In addition, we want them to see that a materialistic worldview is fatally flawed and self-refuting. Biblical creationists are straightforward about the fact that we use the Bible as our ultimate starting point instead of naturalistic presuppositions, and we want people to not only see that science is on our side, but ultimately to come to salvation through Jesus Christ.

The humanistic worldview is based on rebellion against God, elevating man over his Creator. It is an appeal to pride that goes back to the Garden of Eden, where Satan planted seeds of doubt with Eve, "Did God really say...?" From there, he went to an appeal to pride by insulting God and saying, "Your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God" (see Genesis 3 for the full account). Indeed, Satan was cast out of Heaven because of pride, and he appeals to pride even today to tempt man to reject God.

Evolution is the humanistic (atheistic) way to reject God and the authority of his written Word. It may come through complete atheism, or through compromising religious people. Those of us in creation ministries desire to show that God is the Creator, the Bible is true, science supports creation and biblical young earth models, and ultimately hope that people will come to faith in Jesus Christ.