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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Don't Fear the Ice Cores

Some biblical creationists are intimidated by the certainty of long-agers who insist that they have strong evidence for an ancient earth and that the biblical timeline is impossibly short. This confidence is based on bravado. In actuality, the ice cores are nowhere near as reliable as evolutionist claim.

Evolutionary geologists are confident that ice cores are a strong indication of an ancient earth. Unfortunately, their methods are based on assumptions and circular reasoning. Biblical creationist models obtain better results.
Pixabay / Antarctica / Mariamichelle
Several assumptions made regarding ice sheets, flow models and core samples, including the assumption that they are extremely old. Also, they are calibrated and confirmed by other methods that require numerous assumptions. This amounts to circular reasoning, one of the most common practices of evolutionary science. Using a Noah's Flood model, creation scientists used their assumptions for flow models and came up with more believable results.

There are three parts in this set. First, "Ice Cores, Seafloor Sediments, and the Age of the Earth: Part 1", and then, "Ice Cores, Seafloor Sediments, and the Age of the Earth: Part 2". And yes, Ice Cores, Seafloor Sediments, and the Age of the Earth Part 3.

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