Standing Firm for Creation Science Despite Opposition

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen

When running this online creation science ministry, and being in contact with others who stand for biblical creation, we see some pretty vicious stuff from anti-creationists and misotheists. (When I say that I am a biblical creationist, I mean that I believe in a literal six-day recent creation as well as the global Flood, according to what the Bible teaches.) Evolution is a cornerstone for atheism and liberal Christianity (or a word I like to use for liberal religion, “churchianity”), and they detest those of us who will not compromise on what the Bible says.

Several creationist Pages on social media are what I consider "link mills", simply pasting links to creation science articles (sometimes sending them to sites that are, as a whole, opposed to our message even though the specific articles may be adequate). Some of us strive to aim higher, and are very selective in what links we post. In addition, we encourage people to learn how to think critically. When it comes to theological matters, we want to encourage people to think biblically, reasoning from the Scriptures.

I firmly believe that there are two things that prompt people to hate some creation science ministries more than others: The fact that we will put God's written Word first, and that we want people to think logically instead of with their emotions. Those two things are tremendous threats to anti-creationists. There are people who elevate current findings and interpretations of science above the Word of God. Most atheists have naturalistic presuppositions as a starting point to interpret evidence. Biblical creationists stand on the Bible as our starting point, and creation scientists propose models and make calculations based on recent creation. That's what scientist do, they start from their worldviews.

Evolution is crammed down our throats at every turn. It is asserted as unquestioned fact, usually without any contrary evidence offered. We present "our side of the story", and anti-creationists seek us out with vituperative attacks. (Unfortunately, many liberal Christians use the same naturalistic presuppositions as materialistic atheists, and actually side with them in attacking biblical creationists.) Many demand "equal time", but they already have the monopoly on origins information, and are actually seeking to suppress evidence that refutes evolution and affirms recent creation. Sometimes they seek to confuse people who are wanting to learn the creationist view of origins, Flood geology and so on.

Evolutionists have an advantage in that many Christians (along with too many people who have come out of government-run school systems) are unskilled at thinking critically. They will go after Christians with loaded questions, assertions, logical fallacies, ridicule and more (often taken from misotheist sites). Sometimes, they have legitimate questions. Unfortunately, there are Christians have not put much effort into learning how to think critically and to defending the faith. The disadvantages that the anti-creationists have include their own inability to think critically, that atheism is irrational and incoherent, and that evolutionism is loaded with assumptions, false assertions, fallacies and outright fraud. When Christians are actually equipped to challenge atheists and evolutionists, we stop them in their tracks because they are surprised to find people who have done their homework (unlike many atheists and evolutionists).

We try to be polite with atheists, but they detest having their wisdom and worldview challenged. When we stand up to them and show their errors, they resort to emotional reactions and attempts at manipulation. Many will often accuse us of anger, rudeness, dishonesty, stupidity and more when it does not exist. There are some atheists that want to have respectful dialogue, but creationist sites seem to attract the angry types most often.

Like other creationists, it's my job to present accurate information and not to compromise and please people. (Note to some atheists: "Accurate", yes. Because you do not like something or disagree with the interpretations of evidence, that does not make it "inaccurate" or even a "lie".) If someone is angry because I exposed a "creationist" Page for being run by a cult and I lose readers at The Question Evolution Project, I won't lose sleep over it. Similarly, if people dislike our anti-abortion stance and leave, oh well. Theistic evolutionists and OECs (old earth creationists) ridicule us for our lack of compromise. So be it. Creationists are to present the truth and do it biblically, not attempting to please people by trying to make them feel good. Political correctness and coddling are not my primary considerations.

Being in a teaching position and in a ministry is an awesome responsibility. Not only are we going to be under stricter judgment from God, but we care about the people who sincerely, read the material and interact with us; I do not want to give bad information or send them to sites that oppose us. There will be mistakes, we are human after all, and we are trying to grow in both grace and knowledge. 

There are some who will say that we have arrogance because we will not compromise and insist that we are right. They can believe whatever they wish (if someone is going to think evil of you, there is nothing you can do to stop it), but the fact is that Christians have to come to God in humility for salvation, and the truth is in his written Word, the Bible. This includes the truth of creation. Science is very important, but we do not elevate it over God's revealed truth.

The attacks on Christians, and especially creationists, are increasing. Our freedoms are being eroded, including our freedom of speech as well as freedom of religion. Here is an example of an atheist Page that is engaging in criminal activity to harass a Christian that dared oppose their Mighty Atheist Wisdom®:

Used with permission of the victim, and under Fair Use terms for educational purposes.
I understand that this same Page ridiculed me for saying that atheists' hatred toward Christians can (and has!) become violent. Then they commenced to doing some harassment. Are atheists above all laws, or just God's laws? Speaking of laws, I'm told that there is someone involved in police work as an Admin there. Maybe these things are acceptable where he comes from?
"More and more people are having a hatred for Christians . . . People behave in a manner consistent with what they believe. If they believe that Christianity's okay . . . they're going to behave very much differently than someone who believes Christianity is a hate-mongering, filthy religion that needs to be destroyed. People with different belief systems are going to behave in different manners based on the belief system that they have. We behave in a manner consistent with what we believe, not with what we don't believe. I have seen an increase in hostility towards Christianity from all types of groups..."
Matt Slick, "Matt Slick Live", 6-02-2014

I strongly urge Christians to download this podcast and begin listening at about the 15 minute 55 seconds mark (you'll skip some technical problems). Click here for the download link (it says "Carm Radio 6_2").

We received a veiled threat message at The Question Evolution Project, and is somewhat alarming in light of Matt's observations. Unfortunately, the screenshot has a big white space, so you'll need to scroll down to keep reading:

Screenshot taken from my Page, but I'm still insisting that Fair Use applies.

To take this a step further, people can lose their jobs for being creationists. One of the most recent instances as I write this is regarding Mark Armitage. He did his job and did it well, but was fired for being a Christian. Here is a short video:

Things are rough, and going to get rougher. We need to be able to defend the faith with greater fervor and skill, but also remembering that it is not our wisdom that brings someone to a saving knowledge of Christ, but the Holy Spirit. Our job is to make our best effort to share the truth. The best effort is to use and improve our thinking skills so we can present the gospel more effectively, and to be able to reason from (and rely on!) Scripture. Until Christ returns, we must stay faithful to our calling.