Evolutionary Ancestors: Not My Circus, Not My Monkeys

An old Polish proverb has been making the rounds lately: "Not my circus, not my monkeys". Some say it simply means, "Not my problem", others say it's useful when someone is trying to draw you into problems that are not yours. In this case, our alleged evolutionary ancestors are not my monkeys. Not yours, either. We were created, we did not evolve.

Evolutionary scientists are making announcements and doing studies that are downright ridiculous. And they get paid for doing it!
More stamps from my collection. Circus tent from Clker.com
"You st00pid dumb Xtian creationist, nobody says humans evolved from monkeys!"

Yeah, we know the story, that humans, apes and monkeys evolved from common ancestors that supposedly looked like apes and monkeys, but were not. Convenient excuse, huh?

Anyway, the alleged evolutionary science that is coming out lately is amazing. Not because it is impressive, but because we can wonder how people take these things seriously. It helps them when they tack on the word "theory" when it is nothing but guesswork, but "theory" sounds more impressive. We can also wonder why they get paid for this. Or even why people accept this stuff as science. Put on a helmet and click "Human Evolution News Redlines Silliness Meter".