Secularists Robbing the Scientific Method

Secularists have been stealing the scientific method. Although it had several contributors, it had its best development under the hands of Christians. Naturalistic interpretations of science became popular, and Christians stood by and let them redefine science in naturalistic terms. Now people have the impression that when a scientist makes an utterance, it is a scientific fact. The word "theory" is grossly misused, and speculations are being pawned off as facts, especially in reference to molecules-to-man evolution. Worse, atheistic scientism is being used as the means to interpret scientific evidence. This is ridiculous, as a naturalistic time-chance-mutations universe would make doing science impossible!

Some biblical Christians are making efforts to show the extreme limitations of naturalistic science interpretations. We want the scientific method back so we can save it from further abuse and use it properly again.
Are modern schools teaching the scientific method properly? It appears the general public and even the scientific community itself has a rather fuzzy understanding of what it is. In its purest form, the scientific method can be succinctly defined as “a systematic methodology for studying natural phenomena.” For example, if we look at the simple pendulum at very small-angle oscillations, we might hypothesize that the period (the time for the pendulum to complete one cycle) depends on the mass attached to the end of the pendulum. This is a valid hypothesis since it can be either verified or falsified by direct observation and/or reproducible experimentation. If we run a series of period measurements with different masses attached to the pendulum arm, we will establish that the period remains the same independent of the mass. So our original hypothesis is incorrect. The scientific method now requires us to abandon that hypothesis.
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